THE TRUTH HURTS - SONGWRITER ROB CHRISTENSEN TO PERFORM IN WILLIAMSPORT Abbey Road, the famous street in London, England, is but one locale Rob Christensen has found his muse. The booklet for his recent CD contains a picture of him crossing the British highway in addition to haunting recording studios and warehouses. Christensen will cross the road in Williamsport when he performs at the Bullfrog, 229 West Fourth Street on Monday, July 16th at 9PM. Based in the isolated centropolis of Eureka, California, Christensen is currently touring to promote his latest work, Opera Alley, the sequel to his acclaimed 1997 release, The Truth Hurts. His simple strumming and bruised, raspy voice convey the "coffee house gestalt" of romantic entanglements and urban confrontations. These tales are offset with optimistic allegories in the images of nature. Christensen has released four albums on Sweet Science, his own label. One critic described Christensen's catalog as "the lonely lo-fi home recording guy club. The self-contained artist has been acclaimed on two continents. He cites The Beatles, R.E.M., The Replacements, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young as influences. But one listen to Opera Alley recalls the tender-but thorny storytelling of Elvis Costello and Ray Davies / The Kinks (or try Oasis minus the braggadocio). The production covers the urgent fragility of mid-60s power pop with an acoustic shell of brainy, edgy alternative-punk. When he's not on a musical circuit, Christensen writes an advice column for the nationally distributed Tape Op, a music magazine based in Portland (Oregon). Opera Alley could be a companion work - a soundtrack to the creative and technical aspirations of the artist. Admission is free. Call (570) 326-4700 for more information.” - Johnny J. Blair

— Sun-Gazette, Williamsport, PA

Rob Christensen - September 27, 2000 Mt. Tabor Pub (Acoustic Room), Portland, Oregon   On his North Coast tour of clubs, Rob Christensen performed an extremely intimate acoustic set in the acoustic room, covering tunes from his 3 studio albums. I've recently become a fan of Rob's since hearing his Opera Alley record, and to hear these songs presented in this unplugged-style stripped-down format was a pleasure beyond description. I would be very interested to see him do some shows with a full band, as the album versions of the songs indicate he is a worthy composer of not just guitar, but piano and lyrics as well. Opening the show was the witty David Stevenson, and the Pangs - or at least one guy from that band. A very gratifying evening of pure guitar/vocal talent - the kind of stuff people used to toss on a pair of sunglasses, grow a goatee, and head to the local coffee house to groove on.” - Bob Cooper

— Portland Online Music Net

Rob Christensen - Alt/Folk/Rock - Cafe' Uniontown - Tuesday, Sept. 26 - 8:30 pm - $3 Home recording artist and songwriter from Eureka, CA, Rob Christensen, just released his third studio album, Opera Alley, on his own Sweet Science label. In the true fashion of what was once the sound of American alternative, Rob Christensen's songs are honest, guitar driven, no fuss rock ballads, reminiscent of Bob Mould or Paul Westerberg. His raspy voice kinda grows on you, as does his willingness to wear his emotions on his guitar strumming pick. Lots of great reviews from indie mags and .coms. Rob is also a columnist for the Portland based Tape Op, "the creative music recording magazine.” - Hipfish Monthly
Solo acoustic sounds to fill Cafe' Uniontown Opera Alley, a do-it-yourself project, is a guitar-based pop/rock album. According to the album's curator, singer/songwriter Rob Christensen, the songs found on the CD are about introspection, isolation, and the search for happiness and love. To promote his new CD, Christensen will be performing a solo acoustic show at 8:30 pm Wednesday, September 26, at Cafe' Uniontown, 218 West Marine Drive. There is a $3 cover charge. Christensen, who is a big fan of '60s bands like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Kinks, cites them all as influences in his songs and arrangements. He has been a member of Humboldt County (Calif.) bands The Orphans, Joosy Foot, and has performed with the Acoustic Gypsies. Recently, Christensen has been playing solo acoustic shows and touring in Oregon and Washington. For more information, call Cafe' Uniontown at 325-8708 If you miss Christensen in Astoria, he is also playing in Portland at 9:30 pm, Wednesday and Friday, September 27 and 29, at the Mount Tabor Pub's Acoustic Room, 4811 S.E. Hawthorne, (503) 238-1646. - Coast Weekend (published by The Daily Astorian), September 21-27, 2000” - Coast Weekend

— published by The Daily Astorian

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