By 2005 I was in one of my periodic artistic troughs and not interested in sending out review copies of the just-finished album, Roses For Sharon, so no reviews (as far as I know) were ever done for Roses. (Funnily enough, despite my lack of interest in promoting it, Roses has sold more copies than any other album in the catalog.) However, I did send out a few review copies of Demos For Sharon, an EP (now unavailable) I put out several months before Roses. Here's a review of Demos by the great home-recording artist, Ray Carmen: Demos For Sharon This new six track EP features four demos recorded for Christensen's upcoming album Roses For Sharon, and two previously unavailable songs. Christensen is one of the best, most thought provoking singer-songwriters around.  His voice has a world-weary, yet reassuring quality to it that makes me go back to his songs over and over. Even his most down-and-out, desolate tunes have a warm quality to them that make them quite inviting.   All the songs here are excellent, but the stand-out tunes are "Beautiful Soul", "Best Man", and his cover of Jim Shelley's "Port". Readers of alternative country magazines like No Depression would do well to drop Rob a line and check this out. ” - Ray Carmen

— Reviews By Ray

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