Sorry, No YouTube Live 

Yesterday I wrote that I was planning on doing a YouTube live performance tonight. Turns out I need to look into it a little further. When I tried to set up a YouTube live stream on my phone, I was informed that I don't have enough subscribers. I know there are alternative ways of YouTube streaming. I'll have to look into it further.

As for now, I think I'll stick to Instagram on Sundays and Facebook on Tuesdays, both evenings at 9:15 eastern time. See you Sunday!

We're Live on the Internets! 

I said in the last NewsBlog entry that I had just done my first Instagram Live broadcast. I did another one (played "Beautiful Soul" and "Last Round" from Roses for Sharonon Sunday, September 8th and enjoyed it. Last night I did one on Facebook (played "Opera Alley" and "Hollywood's Dreams" from Opera Alley). I'm thinking of doing a YouTube Live tomorrow night. Kinda tour the different spots on the internet where people watch video. Two songs, short and sweet. I'm thinking of calling it the Saturday's

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The Bridge, Charlottesville, VA Video - August 28 

Last Wednesday I drove on down to Charlottesville, met up with my pal Ben Siegan, and we headed to the monthly Bridge open mic series. Ben read a "new" (to me) story, we listened to several wonderful storytellers, poets, musicians, and had a great night. I played "When She Flies" from our Roses for Sharon record, followed by "A Perfect Afternoon" from The Truth Hurts. Below is video. Thanks, Patsy, for putting on a great series, and Tom Haynes for shooting the video. 


In other news, last night I did…

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Road Tripping - Summer NAMM Nashville & Muscle Shoals 

Just got back from a great road trip to Nashville and Muscle Shoals. Hopefully you’re following the Saturday’s Radio on Facebook and Instagram and saw a bunch of pics. I was in Nashville to help Larry Crane work the Tape Op Magazine booth at Summer NAMM. Saw lots of music friends and made some new ones.

Next was a drive down to Muscle Shoals. Got to tour several studios while there, including the places featured in the Muscle Shoals documentary. It amazes me how much music is happening in a relatively…

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Debuted Three New Songs at Harrisonburg Open Mic 

Went “over the mountain” - those Blue Ridge Mountains in John Denver’s “Country Roads” - to Harrisonburg, VA to play the weekly open mic at Ruby’s Lounge. It’s always fun to play these events. You see such a variety of performers and, to be honest, such a variety of talent levels. 

Since I’ve just finished some songs up, I decided to test them out. I’ve never played all brand-new songs before. The trickiest part was, since they’re not totally committed to memory, reading the lyrics and chord changes while…

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Video from The Bridge, Charlottesville 6/26/19 

The videos from last week's open mic at The Bridge in Charlottesville, VA, are up on YouTube. Thanks to Patsy for putting on the monthly events, to Thomas Haynes for shooting, and to everyone for coming out, listening, sharing, and performing. 

I chose to play my 12-string this time and played "The Love That She Makes" and "When I See the Light." Here ya go: 

Charlottesville Open Mic & Keelan Donovan House Show 

Played The Bridge Arts Collective's monthly open mic on Wednesday night. It's always great hearing the stories, poetry, and music that people contribute, and it's a very appreciative and engaged audience. Decided to play my 12-string for a change of pace. It was a pretty full house so I was only able to play two songs - "The Love That She Makes" and "When I See the Light". There should be videos on YouTube in the next few days. 

In other news, I've always loved the idea of House Concerts, both as a…

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New Live YouTube Playlists 

I just created two new playlists on YouTube to showcase some some-acoustic live work I've done over the past few years. One is a compilation of open mic performances from The Bridge Progressive Arts Center in Charlottesville, while the other is a playlist of the 7 episode Cottage Sessions series I did back in 2015. 

Here ya go: 

Getting Out - Ruby's Lounge, Harrisonburg, VA 

Last night my friend, playwright / poet Ben Siegan, and I took a journey "over the mountain" to Harrisonburg, VA to play the weekly open mic night at Ruby's Lounge. Ben read three spoken word pieces, while I played "Beautiful Soul" and "Andrew Olsen". While there was a lot of conversation going between the bar patrons, I feel like we went over pretty well and hope to make it over again in a couple of weeks. It's always enjoyable to hear what people at different open mics are doing.

Next Wednesday, June…

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Live Video - The Bridge - Charlottesville, VA - 4/24/19 

I was sad to have missed The Bridge (Charlottesville, VA) open mic session in March. I was as sick with the flu and felt worse than I have in ages. So it was nice to be back in April. Turns out I wore the same shirt I wore in February. We'll have to remedy that next time, ha ha. Thanks to Patsy Asuncion for bringing in a videographer and for publishing artists' performances on YouTube. 

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