Weekly Update - September 24, 2012


The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio would like to apologize for getting out update out a day late. All we can say is that life gets in the way sometimes. We're sure you understand. 

Our September Knows 99¢ download sale for The Truth Hurts ends soon. The last day to get it at that price is next Sunday. You can download it at that special price from CDBaby. Of course our other albums are still only $3.99 from CDBaby. Tell a friend!

Our Weekly Music Poll asks you to pick your favorite early Beatles album. We're talking 1963-64. It's often stated, but it's pretty remarkable that the Beatles put out four albums and a bunch of non-LP singles in a two year period. In last week's poll American Beauty was voted the best Grateful Dead album. 

Celebrating birthdays this week are:

  • Tracey Thorn (Wednesday 9/26)
  • Olivia Newton-John (Wednesday 9/26)
  • Steve Boone (Thursday 9/27)
  • Shaun Cassidy (Thursday 9/27)
  • Robbie Shakespeare (Thursday 9/27)
  • Ben E. King (Friday 9/28)
  • Moon Unit Zappa (Friday 9/28)
  • Joseph Arthur (Friday 9/28)
  • Jerry Lee Lewis (Saturday 9/29)
  • Tommy Boyce (Saturday 9/29)
  • Suzzy Roche (Saturday 9/29)
  • Scout Niblett (Saturday 9/29)


"To send light into the darkness of men's hearts, such is the duty of the artist." - Schumann