Weekly Freebies & Other Stuff


It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Orange, Virginia. The leaves on the trees are turning all sorts of brilliant colors before they say goodbye for the winter. I have a feeling the days of being able to go for walks sans jacket are coming to a close for 2012. 

Today the girls and boys of Saturday's Radio are thrilled to announce our new Weekly Freebie series. Every week we're going to give away a FREE track on the ol' Saturday's Radio website. The plan is to present a variety of Saturday's Radio tracks - album cuts, live tracks, outtakes, and alternate takes - and rotate them out on a weekly basis. This week we're featuring "These Days" from our debut album Smile Slightly. This is a song I love to play live and have yet to grow tired of. We really hope you enjoy this series. Feel free to pass these songs on to friends who might enjoy them, too!

At Saturday's Radio World Headquarters we're currently remixing the songs from our 4th album, Roses For Sharon. We've got the first track, "Beautiful Soul", pretty much done and we're really happy with it. It has an immediacy and power to it that the previous mix lacked. We're now beginning track 2, "Summersong" (a title we're contemplating changing to "Sometimes Summertime"). This one is going to be a job because it's probably the most complex song we've ever recorded. Keep checking back for more updates!

Our new Weekly Music Poll asks if you play a musical instrument. Answer choices for this particular poll are "Yes!", "No, but I love to listen", and "Yes. A few, actually." We thought about putting in an "I dabble a bit" choice, but y'know what? If you "dabble", you play and you are included! And big cheers to the folks who don't play but love to listen!

In last week's poll we asked which departed rock star you'd most like to spend a lunch with. John Lennon and Jim Morrison each received a vote. 

Musicians we like who are celebrating birthdays this week include:

  • Josh Ritter (Sunday, October 21)
  • Julian Cope (Sunday, October 21)
  • Charlotte Caffey (Sunday, October 21)
  • John Wesley Harding (Monday, October 22)
  • Shelby Lynn (Monday, October 22)
  • Dale Crover (Tuesday, October 23)
  • Weird Al Yankovic (Tuesday, October 23)
  • Dwight Yoakam (Tuesday, October 23)
  • Bill Wyman (Wednesday, October 24)
  • Robbie MacIntosh (Thursday, October 25)
  • Bootsy Collins (Friday, October 26)
  • Maggie Roche (Friday, October 26)
  • Keith Strickland (Friday, October 26)
  • Natalie Merchant (Friday, October 26)


Happy Birthday, y'all!

In case you were interested, I'm currently reading Keith Haring Journals and Everything I Know About Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead.

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks, and invents." - Ludwig van Beethoven