Thursday, July 12 Daily Update

Hi There!

Yesterday the boys & girls of Saturday's Radio were busy updating our Facebook page. We've got a CDBaby-sponsered music store there now as well as a new banner. Won't you go to Facebook and Like us?

We're working on a new lyric video for "Sorry Again" that we hope to get up this evening. "Sorry Again" is available for free at the Quick-Stop Shop on our home page, as well as on the Free mp3's page. And don't forget that you can get a free early take of "Sorry Again" by signing up to receive the Saturday's Radio Dispatch via email. Cool, huh?

Yesterday's Daily Poll asked fans of The Who which they preferred, Tommy or Quadrophenia? As of this morning votes were split, 1 to 1. Today's question is for Dylan fans: Blonde On Blonde or Blood On The Tracks? Vote on the home page. 

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Christine McVie and Bill Cosby.

See you here tomorrow and on Facebook and Twitter today!