The Truth Hurts! It's Alive!

Hi There!

There's lots of excitement at Saturday's Radio World Headquarters! For the past several weeks the boys & girls of Saturday's Radio have been working very hard to get our website ready for it's grand unveiling. And we're proud to say that WE ARE DONE!

Wait... what's that? A great website is an ever-evolving entity that should be constantly updated, tweaked, improved, and added to? 

You are correct! In the coming months we plan to add more stuff for YOU! More pictures! More sounds! More videos! More links! More articles! More fun! More! More! More!

But for now won't you please take some time to explore what the girls & boys of Saturday's Radio have been working so hard on? We've got FREE DOWNLOADS! We've got PHOTOS! We've got YouTube videos on our NEWS page! On our HOME page we've got the Saturday's Radio Jukebox, the Quick-Stop Shop where you can directly download Saturday's Radio music, and a brand new fun feature, "The Question of the Day." And, get this, if you sign up for our email newsletter, the Saturday's Radio Dispatch, we'll send you a link for an exclusive (!), unavailable anywhere else (!!), previously unreleased free download of an early version of "Sorry Again" (with extra lyrics!)!!! How cool is that?

But wait, there's more!

The boys & girls of Saturday's Radio are also pleased to announce that the newly remastered Saturday's Radio version of "The Truth Hurts" is now available! You can get it from CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and several other places around the World Wide Webs! Support independent music and download your copy today!

Thank you!