"Smile Slightly" video

The week I returned home to northern California to say goodbye to my dad - he died from cancer November 3, 2010 - I bought my first smart-phone. As it turns out it was a hard to use cheap-ish Android phone that I later gladly exchanged for an iPhone. But for that trip it was a life saver in the way it allowed me to communicate with family and friends. AND it was my first video camera! (Unfortunately, because I never had a video camera, you won't see much archival Saturday's Radio / Rob C. video before 2010, something that is a regret.) So, as I was approaching the Golden Gate Bridge on my way home, I thought it would be cool to shoot a video as I drove across. Probably not the most original idea, but interesting nonetheless. As it turned out, it was kind of shaky and not super-high quality, but that's okay. It was mine! So it sat on my computer's hard drive for over a year while I wondered what to do with it. Since I'm looking for ways to put "content" up on YouTube, I thought this video would work well with the melencholy  instrumental closing track from Smile Slightly. Have a look: