Set List and Recap - Honah Lee Vineyards, Gordonsville, VA

I love playing music for people. I just love it. You express yourself, people like it, they buy your CDs, you get asked back. It’s fantastic. The show yesterday at Honah Lee Vineyards in Gordonsville, VA had all of those things (plus a scratchy throat to add a bit of rawness). A bunch of wonderful folks came out for Honah Lee’s First Annual Harvest BBQ for good food, wine tasting, and music. My two-hour set was followed by John Tracy, whom I’d never heard before and who turned out to be a super nice guy and a rock-solid performer. It was a great day. Here’s the setlist: 

Set one: 

  1. These Days
  2. A Perfect Afternoon 
  3. Promise Me
  4. Butterflies
  5. All That Shines
  6. Tree By The River (Iron & Wine cover)
  7. Thirteen Weeks
  8. Star Route Nine
  9. A Simple Life
  10. When I See The Light
  11. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Dylan cover)
  12. Kiss And Run
  13. Opera Alley
  14. Virginia
  15. Not A Local Girl
  16. You've Got To Hide (Beatles cover)


Set two:

  1. Somewhere Down The Road 
  2. Free For All
  3. Sorry Again
  4. Sylvia Plath (Peter Laughner cover)
  5. September Knows
  6. Beautiful Soul
  7. A Simple Life
  8. When She Flies
  9. Hollywood's Dreams
  10. Last Round
  11. Driver 8 (R.E.M. cover)