Set List - Orange, VA - Friday, May 19, 2017

Had a great time, as usual, playing The Light Well in Orange, Virginia. Several good friends came out and I even had a surprise in the tip jar. We - me and my guitar - played a bunch of familiar Saturday's Radio tunes, pulled out "For Kurt Cobain (8 Apr 94)" as a tribute to Chris Cornell, played a White Stripes tune, and inadvertently gave my pal, the very talented Ben Siegan, a title for his upcoming book of poetry. A splendid time was had by all! Here's the set list:

set one:

  1. Days Don’t Last Forever (soundcheck)
  2. Thirteen Weeks
  3. Opera Alley
  4. Smile Slightly -
  5. How Can I Get Close
  6. Promise Me
  7. intro -> Free for All
  8. We Are Gonna Be Friends (White Stripes cover)
  9. Beautiful Soul
  10. The Love That She Makes
  11. Hollywood’s Dreams
  12. Somewhere Down the Road
  13. Sorry Again
  14. Janie Sims
  15. A Perfect Afternoon
  16. These Days
  17. When I See the Light
  18. September Knows
  19. For Kurt Cobain (8 Apr 94)
  20. Butterflies
  21. Star Route 9
  22. Driver 8 (R.E.M. cover)

 set two:

  1. Where Red Roses Fall
  2. When She Flies
  3. Last Round
  4. Motel Blues (Loudon Wainwright III cover)