Set List 7/15/16 - Orange, VA - The Light Well

Had a great time playing at the Light Well in Orange, Virginia. Dave and Emily and Buzz are always excellent hosts and their customers are always very generous with tips. That's always much appreciated. 

Tonight I did something I do from time to time. I devoted a part of the show to new songs. Eight songs from the album-in-progress, one after another. It's always fun to play new songs, and doing it in this context makes for a special evening as well as a chance to see how they feel and flow. 

Here's tonight's setlist:

Soundcheck / warmup segment -

  • Thirteen Weeks
  • Promise Me
  • Beautiful Soul

"Songs from the new album" segment -

  • The Backroads
  • Days Don't Last Forever
  • Not a Local Girl
  • All That Shines
  • When I See the Light
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Silence the Song
  • Nothing's Broken

The "songs you know by heart" segment -

  • Somewhere Down the Road
  • Sorry Again
  • A Perfect Afternoon
  • These Days
  • September Knows
  • When She Flies
  • Free for All
  • Last Round
  • Driver 8 (R.E.M. cover)


The "let's close it down" segment -

  • Where Red Roses Fall
  • Janie Sims
  • The Love That She Makes
  • Hollywood's Dreams

See you at a show down the road...

Rob C.