Saturday's Radio Dispatch - October 4, 2015

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Hello All,

Happy Autumn. I hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather and, if you’re on the East Coast, not getting too wet. And for those of you on the West Coast, let’s see if we can’t work out a way to get some of this rain out to you. 

Here’s what’s happening in the Saturday’s Radio universe.

In October we’ve got a couple of solo-acoustic shows - 

Friday, October 16th - The Light Well, Orange, VA

I’ll be on from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. This is a play-for-tips show, so there’s no admission charge. But I heartily recommend making it a dinner date. The folks at the Light Well have worked very hard to create a delicious menu, complete with a wide assortment of beverages. 

Saturday, October 24th - Honah Lee Vineyard, Gordonsville, VA. 

I’ll be on from noon until 2 pm. This is a special event: 1st Annual Honah Lee Harvest BBQ at Honah Lee Vineyard in Gordonsville, VA. Tickets are $25 and include your meal and wine tasting. Go to for details.

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Rock on!

Rob Christensen

Saturday’s Radio