Runaway Cat Tour - Redding CA + "Roses for Sharon" sale

Just a quickie update 'from the road'. I'm writing from Redding, CA after a nice drive down from Portland yesterday. Tonight I'll be playing at Kelly's Pub & Wine bar here in Redding. Go to the Dates page for more info.

Also on the Dates page are some photos and a list of songs played last Thursday night at the Portland show. Scroll down to "Past Dates" to see. I've also put those pics on the Photos page.

As you may know, for the past couple of years we've made Saturday's Radio album downloads available for $3.99 from CD Baby. Honestly, that price hasn't resulted in many sales. We actually get far more download sales through iTunes. So we're going to try an experiment. We're going to raise the CD Baby album download price to $7.49 - still a good price - and pick one album for an "album of the month" sale and price it at $3.49. We'll see how that works. For the rest of July and all of August the featured sale album will be Roses for Sharon. You can get it at that $3.49 price from HERE.  

That's it for now. Hope I see you somewhere in my travels!

- Rob C.