Quick Recap Of A Quick 'Tour'

Howdy! The weekend-before-last's two day tour was a lot of fun, albeit a little exhausting. The Chapel Hill show featured the debut performance of King Of Dogs, a male-female duo that was quite charming, and Gerald John's Sound of Singles record release party for "Sound of Singles Sings Seger". Everybody was fantastic and the evening was a lot of fun. Special thanks goes to Gerald for inviting me to play, and to the folks at the Night Light for being so nice. Early the next morning I jetted up to New York to play Googie's Lounge, the upstairs portion of the Living Room. That show also featured some excellent players in Greg Koons, Carolyn AlRoy, and Matt Keating. Declan Bennett, a member of the Broadway cast of Rent, closed the show, but unfortunately we were all too tired to stick around for more than a couple of songs. Anyway, New York was great - I felt like I played well, at least until my hand went numb, which was probably a result of not consciously straightening my arm between songs. The numbness didn't happen until the last couple of songs, so overall it was a successful night, I think. Regardless, it was a blast to play in New York. Special thanks here to Carolyn for setting up the show and to Matt for suggesting me to Carolyn.