New Show, New Blog, New Year!

Got a few pieces of news for y'all - I'll be playing my first full solo show in five years (!!!) on April 13th (that's a Friday) at Border's Books - located at the corner of 18th and L, NW, in Washington DC. I'm really looking forward to getting back out there in front of folks. Several songs from "Roses For Sharon" have never been played live, plus I'll probably have a new tune or two to play. Be there or be square! I've started a blog over at BlogSpot where I hope to talk about the various things going on in my life and in my head. I figure the posts will be a little more random than is appropriate for this little news forum, so over there I go. Passengers are welcome! I'm a big fan of Continuum Books' 33 1/3 seris, in which each book is written about a specific record. I'm currently reading Ric Menck's book on "The Notorious Byrd Brothers", one of my favorite albums, and I've already finished their books on Bowie's "Low", the Beatles' "Let It Be", the Kinks' "Village Green", Neil Young's "Harvest", and several more. I've also submitted a proposal to them to write a book on XTC's "Skylarking", as it's creation is a story that's very interesting to me. I hope my proposal is accepted. Cross your fingers for me! has issued a challenge to the musicians of the world to write and record an album - at least 10 songs, 35 minutes - during the 28 days of February. I signed up for this crazy little contest with great hopes. My day job is also been very busy. Do you think I've written any songs? Maybe next year. Finally, it looks like I'll be moderating the Home Recording workshop at the 2007 Tape Op (magazine) Conference. As you may know, I've moderated the last four workshops and had a terrific time. I'm thrilled to be doing it again! Check back at this space to see who my esteemed panalists are this year!