New Saturday's Radio Stations! - July 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

As we previewed yesterday, we do have some news. The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio worked late into the night working on our "internet presence." The idea set up several online bases, "Saturday's Radio Stations," so different people who go to different places on the internets can find us and discover what we do. Yesterday we got pages set up at BandCamp and ReverbNation. Yay! We're also working on getting a page set up at MySpace. We'll probably have more news on that tomorrow. 

The neat thing about BandCamp is that you can download our songs & albums in CD-quality WAV files, high-quality FLAC files, as well as 320kbps mp3's. AND you can name your price, from free (FREE!) to whatever you'd like to pay for our music. Pretty cool, huh?

The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio also put up several new pictures on the Photos page. Check 'em out!

Today our Daily Music Poll question is Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen? These aren't easy questions to answer, are they?

In yesterday's poll we asked: Albums or Concerts? Voting was split exactly down the middle. To me the best bands and musicians pull them both off well. That said, some bands are fantastic live but don't make great records, and that's totally okay. Likewise, some bands make great records and aren't super good live. That's okay too. It's all part of this wonderful world of music.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Juliana Hatfield, Bobbie Gentry, Pete Yorn, and my friend, poet Gregory Luce.

God and other artists are always a little obscure.  ~ Oscar Wilde