Free For All email newsletter - September 2007

Hey everyone! Here's my latest email newsletter that I send out whenever there's something to report. If you'd like to subscribe, drip me a line at *** Free For All - Rob Christensen Music News (& stuff) - September 2007 *** Hey Everybody! First, if you already received this a couple days ago, please accept my apologies. I really don't think my first try at sending this got though to anyone, so I'm trying again. Anyways... It's been ages -- years (!!!) -- since I've sent one of these things out. So, if you were a Free For All recipient back in 1999-2002, I hope this letter finds you well. If this is your first Free For All, Greetings! I most likely put you on the list because either you've purchased an album, you're someone I met at the Tape Op Conferences, you're someone I went to school with, or you are a new friend or acquaintance. If you're receiving this in error or otherwise don't want your e-mailbox cluttered by this occasional newsletter, let me know and I'll be happy remove your name from the list. What's been happening during the last few years? While live performing & music-making was pretty much set aside, I have kept busy with the following: • From 2003-2006 I went back to school at Humboldt State University and obtained an Elementary Teaching Credential. • I've moderated several discussion panels about home recording at Tape Op Magazine Conferences, where I've met lots of wonderful & fascinating musicians, engineers, and producers. • I recorded & released my fourth studio CD, Roses For Sharon, in 2005. • In 2006 I moved to Washington, DC. • I've traveled all around the U.S. • And I've managed to play live a few times, notably here in Washington and in Tucson, AZ. The main reason I'm sending this out, other than to make contact, is to let you know that there are a couple of shows coming up soon. On Friday, September 7, I'll be playing at the Nightlight in Chapel Hill, NC, at a record release party for Sound of Singles' new "Seger Sessions," which features Bob Seger tunes. Then on Saturday, September 8, I'll be jetting up to New York to play upstairs at The Living Room (!!!) in Googie's Lounge. There I'll be playing with Greg Koons, Carolyn Alroy, Matt Keating, and Declan Bennett. I'm really excited about the NYC show -- I've never played in New York before and I feel extraordinarily fortunate to be able to perform in a place as cool as The Living Room. (Extra-Special thanks to Matt Keating and Carolyn Alroy, who made it happen.) As has been the norm the last few years, it'll be a solo-acoustic show. I'll be playing songs from all four albums. If you're in either area, come on out. I'd love to see you! There may be other shows this fall and winter. However, my main plan during this time is to hunker down and make another record. (If any of you know any label folks or have any suggestions, please let me know). After that I'm looking at hitting the road, at least a little and maybe a lot, during 2008. I'm especially looking forward to playing in former homes Northern California and Portland, Oregon. It's a ways off, but if you'd be interested in touring together or sharing a show, drop me a line. In other news, tracks are available for sale / download on my MySpace page via SnoCap. At this point I'm still trying to decide how I want to structure the SnoCap shop. I'd like to be able to offer entire albums, but it may end up being a 'selected tracks' type of store. Of course, you can always buy the CD's (cheap!) or download from iTunes. Finally, I'm always on the lookout for other folks to play with here in the DC area. If you like to play in the folk-rock / indie vein, email me. A rather long list of my likes and influences can be found on my MySpace page, Here's some informational links: Main website: MySpace: iTunes: CD's are also available from CDBaby: The Living Room, New York: The Nightlight, Chapel Hill: Sound of Singles: Matt Keating: Carolyn Alroy: That's it for now. Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you. Cheers! Rob