Cooper's Vineyards - Louisa, VA - 11/13/15 recap

First, I had a great night playing at Cooper Vineyards in Louisa, VA. It was one of those magical shows. I felt good, the sound was good, and the crowd was very friendly. When all goes right, playing music is the best job in the world. And when all isn't right it's still pretty great. Last night I had a couple of people, at different times, offer sincere thanks for playing and tell me how they were moved. You really can't beat that and, again, it's the best job in the world. 

So it was all too distressing to come home to the news of the events in Paris. And then to read that people at a ROCK SHOW were among those targeted, hurt, and killed. Having spent dozens of hours in absolute bliss attending shows, not to mention playing them... Well, this hit a little hard. The music business is a small world; friends of friends reach far and wide. Thus it was no surprise to see friends and acquaintances on Facebook express concern for people they know who were working, in some capacity, the Bataclan  Eagles of Death Metal show. I hope their friends are okay. And can we just stop killing each other for bullshit reasons? 

Here's last night's set list: 

set one:

  1. Janie Sims
  2. Thirteen Weeks
  3. Listen
  4. Sunny Day
  5. Smile Slightly / How Can I Get Close
  6. Someday Soon
  7. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
  8. So She Said (Why)
  9. Kiss and Run
  10. All That Shines
  11. Promise Me
  12. The Love That She Makes
  13. Forever
  14. Sylvia Plath


set two:

  1. Where Red Roses Fall
  2. When She Flies
  3. Days Don’t Last Forever
  4. Beautiful Soul
  5. Motel Blues
  6. Free For All
  7. A Perfect Afternoon
  8. Opera Alley
  9. Last Round
  10. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
  11. September Knows
  12. These Days
  13. Somewhere Down the Road 
  14. Hollywood’s Dreams


set three:

  1. A Simple Life
  2. When I See The Light
  3. Star Route Nine
  4. Sorry Again
  5. Tree By The River
  6. Not a Local Girl
  7. Best Man
  8. Maggie’s Farm
  9. Virginia
  10. Butterflies
  11. Driver 8