Cold Season

Been down with a cold the last few days, so things have kind of ground to a halt. I did go out last Saturday night to hear local grammy-nominated artist Scott Murray. He was kind enough to invite me up to play a song or two, but I was coughing and hacking so much I didn't think it'd be a good idea. The good news is I might have a local venue interested in hosting me, and Scott tells me there are many more around here that are booking solo singer-songwriters. I'm not really pursuing much on that end at this point because life is a bit complicated right now in that I'm still looking for work, or as some artists call it, a "day job". Someday I'm going to write another blog entry on certain realities and thoughts on having a real job. I sort of already covered it in an entry from last fall titled "A Year Goes By So Quickly", which can be found here: Take care!