25th Anniversary Reissue Of OUT OF TIME Due Out November 18th Via Concord Bicycle

I'd fallen in love with R.E.M. & their music while I was in the service. 'Out of Time' was their first album of my civilian life. I remember buying it the day it came out, Marcy 12, 1991, from The Works in Eureka CA. I ordered a pizza and enjoyed the rest of the evening with 'Out of Time' on repeat.
Twenty-five (and a half) years. I just don't know what to say about that. My new teaching co-worker across the hall is younger than this record and my memory of experiencing it.
While it's tempting to be wistful about the rapid passage of time, I'll instead express gratitude that I'm still alive, healthy, intellectually curious, dreaming of tomorrows, and (hopefully) far from being out of time.  And I sure look forward to getting this reissue, experiencing the album again, and diving in to all of the delicious bonus material.