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Saturday's Radio is singer-songwriter Rob Christensen's ongoing folk-rock (& stuff) music project. We make records influenced by the likes of R.E.M., Tom Petty, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Wilco. We also love Neil Young, The Replacements, Bob Mould, Pixies, Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys, The Ramones, Jason Isbell, The Who, The Kinks, Elliott Smith, and so many more. We've been at this for a while and we're adding new stuff all the time, so please take a look around. And thank you for supporting independent music.


Sunday, January 21, 2018 - Ghosts and Current News

Saturday's Radio Ghosts cover

Our new album Ghosts has been out for a little more than a month and I'm excited to say that the response

has been wonderful. Between CD sales, iTunes downloads, and thousands of Spotify (and other) streams, I'm very happy that people have been so receptive. Several folks have commented about their favorite songs. The cool thing is that people have different favorites, which tells me that it's a strong record. For more information and streaming or ordering links, go to our Ghosts page.

Now, as the artist, I hear the mistakes and faults and I'm looking forward to continuing to write and record new material.

But any new releases are a ways off. Right now we're looking at getting a remastered version of Opera Alley back online as well as releasing a third maxi-single from Ghosts. We've also had some nibbles on getting songs on a couple of soundtracks, which is an exciting prospect. 

I guess what I find most exciting is the possibilities the internet offers for truly independent musicians. For the first three albums we put out, a "release" meant copies to the four or five record stores in the local area and mailing a few copies to zines for possible review. Now a release means the music is available, and being heard, worldwide on a variety of platforms. That's very exciting and very cool. Despite some persistent (and damaging) ugliness, overall the world is a beautiful place filled with wonderful people. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017 - Orange, Virginia Light Well show recap

Had a great time at Orange, Virginia's wonderful Light Well last night playing a mix of new songs from Ghosts, songs from older albums, and a mix of familiar and unfamiliar covers. I didn't work from a setlist, so I can't reproduce it here, but here's what was played to the best of my recollection -

From Ghosts - Days Don't Last Forever, Not a Local Girl, All That Shines, When I See the Light, Andrew Olsen, Once Upon a Time, You Never Knew, The Backroads.

From Roses for Sharon - Beautiful Soul, When She Flies, The Love That She Makes, Last Round.

From Opera Alley - Opera Alley, Hollywood's Dreams, Janie Sims, Promise Me, Where Red Roses Fall

From The Truth Hurts - Somewhere Down The Road, A Perfect Afternoon, Free for All, Sorry Again, Thirteen Weeks, Listen

From Smile Slightly - These Days

Covers - When Doves Cry (Prince), 2541 (Grant Hart), Driver 8 (R.E.M.), Motel Blues (Loudon Wainwright III)

These solo-acoustic shows are a different beast from the records. While they share the same songs, the presentation can differ drastically. I point this out because i know there are folks who only know the records and other people who only know the material through the solo-acoustic shows. I'm eager to share both experiences - recorded and live - with the world, and I'd love for you to tune in. - Rob C.


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